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Run hosted Swift or deploy own instance with Docker.


Use 3rd party frameworks.
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Swift on Server

Build with Swift Package Manager and run with Kitura!

What people are saying...

Gianluca T.

"Who'd be crazy enough to build a web-based version of Swift Playgrounds? Marcin Krzy┼╝anowski, of course! This is a testament that Swift on the server isn't a joke. "

Swift Web Weekly #42

Esteban T.

"man; this whole is out of this world!! Major kudos to you!!"

Dave V.

"Support for the SPM and custom frameworks makes this quite a flexible tool already. As far as online code editors go, this site looks very well done!"

iOS Dev Weekly #336

David O.

"I was sad to see the IBM Swift Sandbox get deprecated. This is a welcome addition to the world."

Kacper H.

"Looks nice, congrats!"

Martin M.

"Very good and cool work!"

Margaret E.

"I think it's a perfectly good idea, well let people without a mac to have some fun with swift"

Tor Rafsol L.

"This is great news, especially since IBM is shutting down their sandbox."


"Wonderful, I really wanted to teach to the people who dont have an apple computer. That would be nice to test their code online"